Larnaca City – Cyprus

The city of Larnaca is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, city in Cyprus, evidence of its habitation dating from up to 6000 years ago, modern Larnaca however is a popular tourist destination best explored with the help of our Larnaca car hire services.

Nowadays Larnaca is a major Cypriot city, actually being the third-largest in terms of population, somewhere around eighty thousand inhabitants. It is well known both for its beautiful sea front as well as its many interesting historic sites.

The top sights of Larnaca however tend to be its great beaches, mostly because a large part of them are still very natural and underdeveloped from the commercial point of view, several of them winning the Blue Award for cleanliness. Some of the main ones are Castella, Dhekelia and Finikoudes, offering access to all types of water related activities such as windsurfing, swimming, jet skis and parascending.

Larnaca is also a great destination for those interested in scuba diving because the coastline is home to the world-renown Zenobia ferry wreck.

The city is considered to be a resort town, so most of the things in it are rather modern and to a certain degree commercial, however there are many places where you can see the traditional Larnaca, via its ancient landmarks and old buildings. For instance, the waterfront Larnaka Fort should be your first important visit, followed by the Church of Agios Lazaros and then the Grand Mosque.

Larnaca used to be known as Kition in ancient times, and the truly remarkable thing is that you can still see remains of the ancient city all over modern-day Larnaca.

We mentioned earlier that the place is modern and very commercial, and it has to be that way because tourists will also want to unwind and have some fun after the sun sets, as such the many bars and clubs offer great entertainment options to those who enjoy that type of establishment.

For the culture vulture, you can rest assured that you’ll find a plethora of really good museums scattered around the center of town, most notable of which being the Pierides Archaeological Foundation Museum and the Archaeological Museum.

These are of course just a couple of examples of what you can see and do while in Larnaca, if you’re really interested in seeing as much of it as possible then you’ll also want to employ our Larnaca car hire services, because nothing compares to the flexibility of having a car at your disposal.

The main advantage of our Larnaca car hire services is that you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, you won’t be limited by public transport service schedules and the like, this can only enhance your traveling experience.

One other benefit from having a car at your disposal while in Larnaca is the fact that you won’t be limited only to Larnaca, far from it, you’ll be able to visit the surrounding locations as well, and explore the Mediterranean coast in more detail.

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