Larnaca Car Hire

Employing our Larnaca car hire services will prove to be a great boon during your trip to this wonderful Cypriot city. Thought by many to be the oldest city on the island the city is one of the major tourist destination in Cyprus and as such it also features an airport.

Those who plan on renting a car while on their trip to Larnaca will be glad to know that our Larnaca Airport car rental services include the possibility of having the car of your choice ready and wating for you at the airport at an hour that you specify, extremely convenient.

The range of cars that we have available from our Larnaca car hire offices is extremely varied, catering to a wide array of needs, whether you need a small car for you and one other, or a larger car for a larger group of either friends or family, our services will have what you need.

Most visitors to Larnaca come for the sun, sand and general atmosphere, but there are a few attractions to captivate the imagination as well as quite a few activities that one can engage in.

As far as attractions go, one of the most interesting might be the Church of St. Lazarus which is an Orthodox church dating from about the 9th century and it is said to be built on the tomb of the biblical Lazarus.

When it comes to activities, the shores and waters of Larnaca are known for their incredible scuba diving opportunities. In fact many visitors come here precisely for this reason, to dive the wreck of the Zenobia, a ferry that sunk in 1980 on its maiden voyage which now lies at a depth of forty-two meters.

One other important part of the Larnaca culture is the local gastronomy, which is exemplified in the many eating establishments that you’ll find, look carefully though as eating in Larnaca can prove to be a slight bit expensive for those who find themselves traveling on a budget.

Of course there are many more things to see and do while in Larnaca so don’t hesitate to employ our Larnaca car hire services in order to better explore its many facets.

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