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Larnaca Airport Car Hire

Larnaca airport car hire services are extremely popular thanks to the huge number of tourist that visit Cyprus each year.

The Cypriot city of Larnaca has been an important part of the island’s history for the past four thousand years and nowadays is the third-largest city in Cyprus if you count the number of stable inhabitants.

The city is so important that it actually features the largest airport on the island, and as such our Larnaca car hire services are available from there as well. What this means is that once you book a rental car from us, preferably by using our website, we can then have the car that you choose ready and waiting for you at the airport at an hour that you specify, it’s extremely convenient.

As stated earlier the Larnaca Airport is the largest airport on the island of Cyprus and it is located at about six kilometers to the west of the city center. The car ride from the airport to the city will take you about fifteen minutes and of course there are various methods of reaching it but the best choice would be by far at the wheel of your own rental car.

Once you get to Larnaca you’ll notice that the city itself is thin but rather long and even though you can walk for most of it, having a Larnaca rental car at your disposal won’t be a disadvantage as it will allow you to explore the city and its surrounding in much more detail than you might have otherwise been capable to.

Most tourists come to Larnaca for the weather, the great beaches and the incredible scuba diving opportunities. Indeed, Larnaca is a great pull for scuba enthusiasts from across the world thanks to its particularities in regards to water clarity and the presence of a sunken ferry very close to its coastline.

The city also offers quite a few attractions for those interested, such as a 9th century Orthodox church, a mosque perched by the side of the Larnaca Salt Lake and the Salt Lake itself which you can see once you land at Larnaca Airport since it is located nearby.

Consider employing our Larnaca car hire services on your future trip to this wonderful Cypriot city.

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